The Analog Telemetry Systems from IRT utilize a high frequency RF signal and a double FM technique to provide accurate transmission of temperature, pressure or other measurements under the most extreme environments. From high temperature environments to extreme g-loading, our Analog Systems hold up where other technologies fail: they are the choice of engine, turbine, and transmission manufacturers.

Transmitted measurements are demodulated by our Analog Receivers, such as our Model 5060, then demuxed by our proprietary DigFV data acquisition software operating on a standard PC. The results are immediately exportable to standard text formats for further analysis. 

These analog systems have been installed on 2-stroke pistons operating in excess of 9,000 RPM, and are configured and installed by our expert engineering staff to ensure successful data transmission. The durability of our Analog Systems has also been proven with diesel piston installations operating continuously for 3,000 hours. If you require accurate data transmission of up to 15 channels from the most extreme environments, contact our applications engineering staff for a no-cost review of your needs.


Operating Temperature: 185 degC

Operating Pressure: Tested to 500PSI

G-loading: up to 6,000g at 200Hz reciprocating, 50,000g rotating

Bandwidth: 10kHz

Accuracy: +/- 1% Full Scale Range

Accuracy: +,- 1% Full Scale Range

Pressure: Tested to 500 PSI