Shaft power and torque measurements can be continuously monitored using our Phase Torque™ non-contact technology that eliminates slip rings and other cumbersome instrumentation. Because shaft power and RPM can be measured with no electronics on the shaft, our sensor holds up under extreme conditions: it can operate as a monitoring system for propellers, machinery, or transportation systems.

The elegant simplicity of IRT's Phase Torque system makes real-time torque and power monitoring as routine as temperature.

The Phase Torque system can be installed on shafts of any diameter with minimal space/clearance requirements. It has a high frequency response yet allows for continuous measurement and monitoring of shaft torque and power. We provide application and design support to configure the standard Phase Torque components for each customer's application. 

Maximum number of data channels   15
Maximum bandwidth   10 kHz
Maximum operating temperature for transmitter   185 degC
Maximum inertial loading-rotating   50,000 g's
Maximum operating pressure for transmitter and batteries   500 psig
Road test capability measurement range:    
Pressure   up to 5000 psi
Temperature   up to 1500 degC

*dependent on battery size, transmitter type and transducers

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