Extreme environments are no match for our DX-50 datalogger. This sealed, compact device measures and records pressure or temperature in manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, or food industries. IRT's harsh environment measurement system was originally built for a brewing company, but the DX-50 can be configured to operate in nearly any environment, including corrosive liquid immersion. Keeping the complete design in-house enables us to machine the enclosure from corrosion resistant 316 L stainless or even Hastelloy.

By packaging the entire system - transducer and datalogger - into a sealed, machined package, our customers can drop the system in high pressure or temperature environments. Steady state operating temperature is limited to 150 C, but our engineers can provide custom packaging to support higher temperatures under dynamic conditions. 

A remote switch or date/time setting initializes data recording at a specified sampling frequency. After data collection is complete, our clients simply unscrew the cap and plug the device into the USB port of a computer. The DX-50 Datalogger will transfer all logged data and charge the system battery.

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