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By instrumenting all driveline components for on-road, locomotive, and off-highway engines, IR Telemetrics is widely recognized as the “go-to” experts in engine measurement systems for diesel programs worldwide.

Automotive sensors by IRT

IR Telemetrics has been developing engine measurement systems since 1991, with industry-leading expertise in powertrain instrumentation. Employing experts in powertrain components, our engineers, researchers, and scientists have measured every component from the piston to the driveline.


Motorsports and high performance small engines undergo punishing operation and loads.


We provide support for the leaders in the recreational vehicle industry through our expertise in engine component measurement technologies. Our team of engineers, researchers, and scientists have worked to develop accurate measurement technologies to measure and obtain data from drive shafts and crank shafts on off-road vehicles.


IR Telemtrics has supported the off-highway industry in various capacities, including diesel engine development and driveline systems. With reciprocating, rotating, and track systems, wireless measurement is a key means to get data from moving parts.


IR Telemetrics has been established as a leading resource in engine measurement systems for diesel programs worldwide through the instrumentation of driveline components for railway and locomotive equipment.


Our engineers and researchers have supported the marine industry through the development of shaft torque and strain measurement systems, providing insight to marine industry leaders on optimal shaft design and real-time performance under actual loads.


Providing sensor data transmission from mounting points in the severe environments of turbines operating in excess of 20,000 RPM, IR Telemetrics is equipped to provide the engineering support, hardware, and software to achieve data acquisition in aerospace applications.


As a leader in engine measurement systems, IR Telemetrics was awarded a SBIR for the development of piston surface temperature measurement technologies for use by the U.S. Army.


We are the resource for obtaining accurate measurement of performance under realistic operations with high data throughput rates. We have supported the mining industry in various capacities for diesel engine development and driveline systems.


The petroleum industry utilizes a wide range of machinery, including pumps, cooling fans, and other systems. IR Telemetrics has provided wireless data transmission to the petroleum industry, instrumenting rotating fan shafts and transmitting data in real-time to our receivers.


For energy systems, like wind turbines, IR Telemetrics is experienced in providing sensor data transmissions from mounting points in severe environments. Our scientists, researchers, and engineers provide various engineering services to support data acquisition methodologies to meet the stringent needs of the energy industry.


Cement production for concrete takes place in very large rotary furnaces, moving along helical flights similar to an auger conveyor supported on enormous steel tires. Because unscheduled downtime is extraordinarily costly, IR Telemetrics has developed an electromagnetic crack detection system focused exclusively on cement production tires, which fatigue over time under severe loads