The petroleum industry utilizes a wide range of machinery, including pumps, cooling fans, and other systems. IR Telemetrics has provided wireless data transmission to the petroleum industry, instrumenting rotating fan shafts and transmitting data in real-time to our receivers. Because we support both high-speed digital and analog transmission, petroleum industry clients can rely on high data throughputs and multi-channel support up to 32 channels per receiver. Pumps and other rotating drive systems in the petroleum industry can benefit from elimination of cumbersome slip rings and other devices that attempt to move data without interfering in the operation of the system.

Because IR Telemetrics can support refineries and other energy infrastructure with securely-packaged data transmitters mounted on the pump pistons, fan shafts, or other equipment in motion, no loose wires or mechanical connections are required. Data from any transducer – temperature, pressure, strain, or acceleration – can be streamed in real-time to our receivers and logged for analysis alongside operational profiles or other key inputs to the equipment.

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