IR Telemetrics is the technology leader in providing wireless transfer of data from internal reciprocating and rotating components. Real time steady state and transient data transfer from components operating in their production environment is our specialty at IR Telemetrics. Our U.S. and foreign patented technology was developed in-house to fulfill the industry's need for a lightweight, durable, and versatile wireless data transfer device to meet the stringent demands of harsh operating environments such as internal combustion engines and automotive transmissions.

Our infrared and microwave telemetry systems provide your development engineers with operating parameter measurement and data collection that was previously unavailable for a wide variety of industry applications. Whether you require single or multiple channel data transfer, IR Telemetrics can provide you with a state of the art telemetry system to meet your development needs.

Advanced Technology Systems

Infrared Telemetry

  • Photo detector probe receives signal
  • Signal processed and available in analog or digital form

Microwave Telemetry

  • Antenna receives signal
  • Not constrained to line-of-sight transmission

Inductive Coupling

  • High-speed digital and rotating equipment

Versatility to Meet Your Needs

IRT's leading edge technology works according to your needs. All of our on-board electronic devices are custom built to fit our customers package requirements. Select between two means of powering wireless transmitters: battery power or inductive power supply. Options such as these add to our commitment to provide you with a system that is flexible enough to meet your needs.

IR Telemetrics is driven by the challenge of expanding the application of wireless data transfer to meet the development needs of our customers. If you have a unique need for data transfer never before attempted, contact us to discuss your application and we can assist you with choosing the right technology for your application.

Inductive or Battery Powered

IRT's leading edge technology offers you two means of powering wireless transmitters: inductive power supply or battery power. IRT can assist you with choosing the right technology for your application.

Mobile Testing

IRT's wireless measurement systems allow for on-road testing of powertrain and driveline components. No slip rings are needed - transmit directly from a driveshaft, wheel or crankcase.

We have on-site experts in the fields of:

  • Automotive
  • Heavy Truck
  • Marine
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial

On multiple channel applications, a multiplexer, internal to the transmitter, sequentially switches the input to the transmitter at a rate from 2.5 msec/channel to as high as ten minutes/channel depending on the type of data desired.

In the case of infrared telemetry, the signal is picked up by a photo detector probe mounted on a neighboring stationary component. The signal is then processed by a receiver and made available in either analog or digital form for data analysis. The accuracy of the system, in the case of temperature measurement is, +/- 1.0% of full scale and minimum resolution between channels is less that 2 degC.

In the case of the microwave system, the signal transmitted off the moving component is received by an antenna and processed by a receiver for output to data acquisition. The microwave system is not constrained to line-of-sight transmission.