Phase Torque™ is our non-contact torque sensing technology that eliminates slip rings and other cumbersome instrumentation used for measurement of shaft power and torque. Phase Torque is a novel approach to measuring the horsepower delivered through a shaft on a continuous basis. Once installed, it has no electronics on the rotating shaft and holds up under extreme conditions: it can operate as a monitoring system for ship propellers, industrial machinery, or transportation systems.

The elegant simplicity of IRT's Phase Torque system makes it something engineers can rely on, like simple thermocouples and other robust sensors. It makes real-time torque and power monitoring as routine as temperature.

The Phase Torque system can be installed on shafts of any diameter with minimal space requirements. It has a high frequency response yet allows for continuous measurement and monitoring of shaft torque and power. IR Telemetrics provides application and design support to configure the standard Phase Torque components for each application. 

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