Piston Telemetry

Piston telemetry by IR Telemetrics enables the telemetric transfer of piston data from internal reciprocating and rotating components. The pistons have wireless telemetry to send real time steady state and transient data from within engines or automotive transmissions. The piston telemetry data transfer devices meet the stringent demands of harsh operating environments. Wireless piston telemetry techniques are developed in-house by IR Telemetrics, who use piston telemetry to fulfill the industry's need for lightweight, durable, and versatile wireless data measurement devices. IRT's piston telemetry technology is patented in the U.S. and around the globe. Pistons and other moving parts are connected to microwave telemetry systems that provide your development engineers with operating parameter measurement and data collection that was previously unavailable for a wide variety of industry applications.

Piston telemetry from IR Telemetrics can provide you with a state of the art piston telemetry system to meet your wireless measurement and development needs. IRT's leading edge piston telemetry measurement system works according to your needs. Wireless telemetry piston measurement technology is custom built to fit our customers' package requirements. Piston telemetry transmitters can be run using battery power or inductive power supply. IR Telemetrics is driven by the challenge of expanding the application of piston telemetry wireless data measurement and piston telemetry transfer to meet the development needs of our customers.

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