Torque Converter Wireless Measurement

Torque converter wireless measurement technology is designed by the industry leader in providing wireless transfer of data from internal reciprocating and rotating components, IR Telemetrics. Transmitting torque, temperature, pressure, strain, acceleration, proximity, and flow from torque converters and other parts operating in their production environment is IR Telemetrics' specialty.

Torque converter measurements can be transmitted and recorded using technology patented by IR Telemetrics in the United States and around the world. Torque converter measurement in hostile operating environments is inherently difficult. Wireless measurement and telemetry technology developed by IR Telemetrics is accurate and reliable.


Torque converter temperature measurement is possible using infrared and microwave telemetry technology that gives your company's engineers operating parameter measurement and data collection that is not otherwise available in many industry applications. IRT's wireless measurements can provide single or multiple channel data transfer.

Rely on a state of the art telemetry system from IR Telemetrics for torque converter wireless measurement. IR Telemetrics designs cutting-edge torque converter wireless measurement technology. Torque converter telemetry devices are designed specifically to fulfill customer package requirements.

Measure torque converter temperature or pressure using wireless transmitters run with battery power or inductive power. Torque converter wireless measurement and wireless transmission technology are flexible and accurate because they are custom designed by industry experts.

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