Measuring torque converter strain is a challenge to accomplish, due to the severe conditions and physical limitations faced by the interior geometry of a torque converter. Realizing strain measurements requires implementing our wireless measurement technology – we mount a multichannel transmitter into the torque converter and match it with one of our microwave receivers.

This permits a number of strain gauge values to be sent in real time from a dyno or an on-road vehicle. Our wireless transmitters are lightweight but extremely durable. We have installed many strain measurement systems on torque converters and our expertise in this area is very deep, severing many of the nation's leading OEMs. Our wireless torque converter strain transmission systems allow powertrain engineers extensive "vision" to loads on the across the torque converter and to pair those measurements with drivetrain load and RPM. Each system is individually installed by our expert engineers and technicians, allowing us to guarantee the successful transmission of your strain measurements. Contact our engineering staff to review your needs in detail and learn about our guarantee of successful data transfer.

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