Understanding the accelerations experienced by a torque converter is made possible by our wireless telemetry systems. Designed by the industry leader, each torque converter installation requires precise placement and balance of our transmitters that will send acceleration data in real-time from the operating torque converter to an exterior antennae and receiver.

The acceleration data is recorded by a datalogger onboard the vehicle or stationed with the dynamometer cell. This gives engineers a complete "picture" of the accelerations in real-time, and can be synchronized with parallel recordings of engine RPM or drivetrain load. By providing wireless transmission of torque converter acceleration data, our engineers and technicians ensure that your experts have the best possible understanding of torque converter behavior, enabling optimization of system design and improvements in reliability. Because our wireless transmitters have been in development for decades, we have mastered the process of designing, packaging, integrating the full measurement system. With our technology, we can guarantee the successful transmission of your data, and are ready to discuss your application details. Contact our engineering staff to review your needs in detail and learn about our guarantee of successful data transfer.

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