Measuring torque converter cavitation is an important step in ensuring the overall performance of a drivetrain and transmission. Cavitation in a torque converter occurs when the pressure at any location drops below the vapor pressure of the fluid at its current temperature. In practice, our microwave telemetry systems are mounted inside the torque converter and pressure transducers are located at strategic locations throughout the device.

Our multichannel transmitters send real-time data of pressure and, in some cases, other sensor data to a stationary receiver that feeds the measurements into a datalogger. Armed with torque converter pressure data, cavitation can be predicted more accurately than with simulation alone and over a wide range of operating temperatures and engine/drivetrain speeds and load levels. Because our wireless systems are lightweight and our expert technicians mount the transmitters into your torque converter, we can assure you of data collection from all pressure transducers. In fact, we offer a guarantee of successful data transfer for any project we have accepted and where we have performed the installation. Contact our engineers to discuss your application in detail and inject a healthy dose of measured reality into your development workflow.

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