Turbochargers operate at high temperatures and high RPMs, and measuring the distribution of temperature, strain, or other parameters is an instrumentation challenge. Our wireless telemetry systems provide the solution to getting this data off the turbine blades and sent in real time to a stationary receiver/datalogger. Because our packaging can tolerate high accelerations and high temperatures, the actual turbine temperature distribution can be observed rising and falling with exhaust gas temperature, ambient conditions, and combinations of engine load and RPM. Turbo strain from angular speed and from thermal distortion can be properly characterized by using real-time measurements and it is our combination of services and product hardware that ensure the successful transmission of this critical data out to your datalogger.

Turbo temperature, pressure, or strain measurements allow for a full characterization of the turbocharger state during various operational and driving profiles, enabling engineers to improve their designs and optimize for weight reduction, improved materials, and cost management. Without measured data to validate engineering design, engineers would be forced to make more conservative design choices, leading to higher cost and higher weight. Turbo temperatures also drive the durability of the turbocharger, so gaining an accurate "picture" of the temperature distribution over time will allow characterization of the risk profile for various levels of aggressive driving.

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