Wireless transmission of temperature and pressure data from the crankshaft, pumps, gears or other internal reciprocating and rotating components is reliable and accurate using IR Telemetrics technology.

The crankshaft wireless transmission sends real-time torque data from hostile environments like engines or automotive transmissions. Wireless transmission can also measure and send temperature, pressure, strain, acceleration, proximity, flow and other measurements. The crankshaft relies on wireless telemetry developed by IR Telemetrics to withstand the challenging conditions of harsh operating environments. Crankshaft torque wireless transmissions fulfill all industry needs for lightweight, durable, and versatile wireless data measurement devices.

Crankshaft wireless transmission by IR Telemetrics is a state-of-the-art technology patented in the United States and across the world. Crankshaft torque measurements are available to your development engineers through IR Telemetrics. Crankshafts use microwave telemetry systems to measure data like temperature, pressure, strain, torque, proximity, and flow that is not otherwise available for many industry applications.

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