Connecting Rod Strain Wireless Measurement

Wireless measurement of connecting rod strain and other data is accurate and reliable with IR Telemetrics, the technology leader in providing wireless data transfer from internal combustion engines, automotive transmissions, or other harsh environments. Connecting rod strain wireless measurement that gives real time steady state and transient data telemetry from connecting rods, bearings, pumps, gears, and other engine components in their production conditions is IR Telemetrics' specialty. Measure and record the strain on connecting rods with a durable, versatile, and lightweight wireless data transfer device from IR Telemetrics. Our wireless transmission technology meets the demands of hostile measurement environments. Connecting rods transmit strain, temperature, pressure, torque, acceleration, and flow data through microwave and infrared RF transmission systems.

Measurement and wireless transfer of strain data through IR Telemetrics will exceed your expectations. IRT's connecting rod measurement technology offers cutting edge wireless telemetry systems to reach your development goals. Select our leading connecting rod telemetry and fulfill your custom measurement requirements. Connecting rod wireless measurement using on-board electronic devises are designed to meet our customers' needs. Measure connecting rod strain using IRT wireless measurement and wireless transfer technology. Telemetry systems custom-designed by IR Telemetrics can measure and transmit strain and other data to improve your product.


The system is available in multiple channel configurations. Minimum resolution is typically 3 to 5 kHz with a maximum of 40 kHz, allowing real time data acquisition of both steady state and transient parameters.


Piezoresistive Transducers +/- 2%


-Thermistors +/-1%

-Thermocouples +/-2%

Maximum number of data channels 15

Maximum bandwidth 10 kHz

Maximum operating temperature for transmitter 185 degC

Maximum inertial loading-reciprocating 4500 g's

Maximum operating pressure for transmitter and batteries 500 psig

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