Wireless Measurement of Bearings

Wireless measurement and transmission of data from bearings in harsh environments is effective with technology custom-designed by IR Telemetrics, the technology leader in providing wireless transfer of data from internal reciprocating and rotating components. Through telemetry, bearings can send real time steady state and transient data from within hostile environments such as automotive transmissions or engines.

Bearings wireless measurement and wireless transmission technology is developed in-house by IR Telemetrics to fulfill the industry's need for lightweight, versatile, durable, and effective wireless data measurement systems. IRT holds U.S. and foreign patents for their cutting-edge wireless measurement technology. Bearings rely on microwave telemetry systems to provide engineers with temperature, pressure, strain, acceleration, and proximity data.


Telemetry for Bearing Measurement Transfer

Bearings telemetry from IR Telemetrics offers a state of the art wireless transmission system to meet your measurement and development needs. IRT's leading bearings wireless measurement technology works according to our customers' specific project requirements. Wireless data collection from bearings is custom designed for each project's specifications.

Bearings wireless measurement systems from IRT operate on battery power or from an inductive power supply. Transmit data from bearings with RF transfer or RF transmission to record temperature and strain data. IR Telemetrics' bearings telemetry is built specifically for each customer to exceed wireless transmission and wireless transfer requirements.

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